Bob Lafferty

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Meet Bob Lafferty, our Pastor, and former Associate & Youth Pastor.  He was born October 31, 1964 (this date reveals nothing about his character) in Wayne, Michigan.  He graduated from Lincoln High School in Ypsilanti and in 1983 he joined the Armed Services where he was stationed in Germany for five years.  Pastor Bob currently is the Maintenance Supervisor in charge of an apartment complex in Taylor, MI.

 Bob's interests lie in the outdoors where he can be surrounded by the beauty of nature God has given us to enjoy.  He loves fishing and hunting and has been involved with the Boy Scouts in a leadership capacity for over 9 years where he can share his love of the outdoors, honor, and family.  Bob is a man who honors his word.
He has a "can do" attitude and always follows through with his commitments. No matter how difficult the task or how short the deadline, Pastor Bob will be the first to volunteer and will see it done.

Fun With Pastor Bob!  Have hose, WILL Baptize




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Pastor Bob began working with the youth at the church in January 2005, and was ordained as Youth Pastor.  He and his wife, Tina, are highly motivated and committed to sharing God's love with young people and this is apparent in all they do.  His desire is to become a full-time minister in time.

His vision for our church is to see the youth in our church mature and remain in Christ, to reach the lost youth of our community, and to build a youth center where teens can come together for fellowship, experience salvation, and learn and grow in Christ. 
If anyone can be noted as truly possessing a servant's heart, it is both Pastor Bob and his wife of more than 25 years, Tina.  They serve faithfully along side each other with true love and compassion for the youth.  They are the proud parents of one son, Bobby.  Their tireless dedication and commitment to the body of Christ is worthy of recognition and honor.