Robert (Bob) Kennedy

Robert Kennedy does not like Titles (Prophet).  He would do away with being called Prophet.  Yet, the Title is correct - and Scriptural.  God, through the Holy Spirit has brought forth powerful wisdom, Biblical knowledge, insight and discernment, among many other fruits of the Spirit that cannot be denied.

Prophet Bob, in his gentle, "regular guy" (or "country boy" as he would say) way, enlightens us with the loving Truth.  HE PROVES WITH SCRIPTURES, JUST HOW MUCH POWER IS ALREADY IN EACH OF US.  By unlocking the REAL meaning of the Word, we discover that "Supernatural" is the way of life we are meant to live everyday.

The Bible message comes alive!  Seemingly simple, or complicated scriptures become something powerfully simple and clear, yet deep, tremendous and useful!  As PROPHET BOB EXPOSES THE DYNAMIC INTENTION OF GOD, we get excited to realize that WE ALREADY HAVE ALL OF THIS MIGHTY POWER IN US --NOW-- TODAY!  Most of us just don't know how to ACCESS this POWER.

And how can we use for God, what we think we still need?  The TRUTH is, we already have ALL the fruits given, to BE ALL THINGS TO ALL PEOPLE.  We lack nothing.

We have to learn how to believe that this is true, and practice letting the Holy Spirit show us more.  Come and join us, as Prophet Bob Leads the way, one scripture at a time!  You'll be glad you did!