Communion - Good Friday 2016 - How Great Is Our God
Delivered By
Pastor Bob Lafferty
Delivered On
March 27, 2016
Central Passage
Luke 22:19-20

It was during the age-old celebration of Passover and on the eve before the crucifixion of the Lord, that Jesus put into place the ordinance of CommunionCommunion must be a key component of worship within the church as it causes us to remember the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The Bible has only 2 ordinances (2 things prescribed for the church).  They are baptism and communion.  There are different names for “Communion” depending on your religious affiliation.  Some of these are the “Eucharist,” “Lord’s Supper,” “Lord’s Table,” or sometimes the “Last Supper.” We refer to this as “communion.”

Jesus gave his followers instructions that they should take or practice “communion.” This is a practice still followed by most evangelical churches today.  One thing that Jesus did not prescribe is how often to partake communion.

Some churches do communion every week and others do it anywhere from monthly to quarterly to yearly to just special events.  This is debated and discussed as church leaders seek to have the ordinance of communion regularly but not to have it so often that it looses the special place that it often has during a service.

Apostle Paul talked about communion, and he gives a strong warning for misuse.